Cariboo Chilcotin Shorelines

“The edge where land and water meet is one of the richest, most productive ecological zones on earth…“
•    On the Living Edge Your Handbook for Waterfront Living


Shorelines around the world are being lost everyday.  Here in the Cariboo Chilcotin we are lucky because we still have the opportunity to save them, as they are not as impacted as in other areas of the world.  So by saving shorelines we protect the variety of plants and wildlife that we are so fond of seeing in the Cariboo Chilcotin.
We are embarking on a campaign to share the magnificence of shorelines in the Cariboo Chilcotin. Shorelines provide erosion control, habitat for animals and play a vital role in decreasing algae blooms in lakes, creeks, rivers and wetlands.  Due to various cumulative impacts, the functions of shorelines are decreasing, so now is the time to take action! Click here for tips on what you can do.


Waterfront Living

The Employment Program of British Columbia is funded by the Government of Canada and the Province of British Columbia.

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Your donations  will provide environmental education to schools, through events and through outdoor learning.  Your donations will  help restore and protect Salmon Habitat throughout the Cariboo in areas devastated by wildfires.